"I have a small website- could you help me get it done?"

Do you have a three to four page website with a basic home page, about page, and packages page? I work with you to say exactly who you are, what you do, and who you serve.

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starting at $825

extended WEBSITE copy

"My website copy looks so daunting. Where do i start?"

Are you working on refreshing or building copy for a multi-page website? The Extended Copy process will ensure that all your 5+ pages are well written, including product descriptions, blogs and more.

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starting at $1300

social media package

"why do instagram captions keep getting in my way?"

Could I write captions for you? The Social Media Management Package streamlines the process- I choose photos, and write captions, and you approve and post them. It's a simple process that is easily customized. 

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starting at $150/month

jumpstart package

"I wish i could afford a copywriter  there a way to do it myself?"

How about a mentoring call over Zoom? This package consists of education on the basics of copywriting, developing an ideal client avatar, and practical ways to write your own copy. 

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