Does Copywriting Matter? – Three Reasons to Care about Copy

Aug 26, 2021

Does copy seem to you like a lowkey, lame part of your business? Maybe you’ve said or thought something like this:

“I need to write my about page soon, but I don’t really care how it sounds—I’ll just throw some words up on my website ‘cause writing isn’t really my thing.”

“I’m not a huge words person, so I don’t ever write about my business.”

Copywriting does matter if you own a business. The words you use to describe what you do and who you serve are one of the most crucial parts of your business. You can provide the best client experience imaginable—but if no one knows or understands what you are selling, a good client experience or beautiful product is not going to get you very far.

I’ll say this as simply as I can. If you own or run a business, you should care about good copy. It’s worth it to work to make sure your words are the best they can be.


Here are three of the main reasons excellent words matter.

Manipulative copy will frustrate your clients

There are more business-y, profit based reasons that you could start with (and those are important!) but integrity is of utmost importance. Here’s why: if you care about being kind to your neighbors and/or if you are actively trying to portray Jesus to the world, honesty in every part of your life and business is crucial. This means writing the best copy you can write. It means taking the time to play with phrases and adjectives to make sure you are using the most accurate, descriptive words we can use. It means not trying (and trying NOT) to manipulate your potential clients or customers, but instead making it obvious to them how you can help solve their problem or make their life better.

 If your clients don’t understand, they won’t purchase

Excellent copy is a key player in the purchasing process. If the people who are interested in your product do not clearly understand what you are offering them, they will not buy it. They will not buy something they don’t understand. Excellent copy is one of the most significant players in the client process.

Copy works when you can’t

Did you know that copy can work hard for you? I heard Ashlyn Carter put it this way on a podcast last week, and it made this concept click for me. If you have clear, compelling words on your website, they can literally do work for you. Solid copy can be the equivalent of an employee—fulfilling tasks and answering questions when you don’t have time or are on vacation. You won’t have to over-explain and grasp for the right words for the next email response you send if you know that the copy on your website is thoroughly explaining your product or service to potential clients. It’s game changing.

Excellent copy is necessary if you care about the integrity of your business. It will make a dramatic difference in the ease of your client or customer’s purchase. And it will do the hard work for you of talking to potential clients and helping them make a well-informed decision about your offer.

These are just three of the reasons that excellent copy is so important—there are many more. I’d love to hear why excellent copy is important to YOU!

Let’s keep working hard to write words that are excellent in every way and of value to the people we are trying to serve.

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