Midsummer Things Keeping Me Afloat

Aug 4, 2021

Does anyone else here love the Lazy Genius? Her tools for prioritization and reflection have been incredibly helpful for me the past couple years. Last week she published a podcast called “A Mid-Summer Pep Talk” and shared five things that are keeping her afloat right now. They inspired me so much I thought I would share the same list with you. So, here’s my list of things saving my life during this hot, crazy, busy summer.

  • Batch working my weekly client work on Mondays. Ever since I started copywriting, I have divided up my tasks for different clients into different days of the week. (Tuesday draft one client’s IG post for the week, Thursday renew another client’s ads, etc.) It just hit me last week that if I focus one big workday on weekly client work, instead of scattering them around, it revolutionizes my work. I feel ahead of schedule because those routine tasks are the ones that HAVE TO GET DONE.  Then, the rest of the week, I can focus on projects that have a more flexible deadline. It’s a game changer.
a mirror selfie of me at my little desk
  • Weekend trips. It’s ironic, in a way, that these are helping me for this season, because in many ways they are precisely what is making it a crazy season. But we went to Washington for two baby showers, camped with our church, have a wedding in two weeks in California—and it’s SO FUN to travel and be with people from other places. It always helps us remember who we are.
family dinner photo from our latest weekend trip: Washington for two baby showers!!
  • Summer routines. I love a mix of routine and spontaneous. Right now, routine looks like Marshall and I eating breakfast/ drinking coffee/reading books and the news and our Bibles (not necessarily in that order) for an hour or so. He leaves for work, I get ready, and usually start work by nine.  My days are gradually dividing into theme days, like I referenced earlier (which I know is not very original for a creative) and it is just as lifesaving and freeing as everyone says. Summer routine also means easy suppers (ideally mostly fresh veggies) and evening runs (if it’s cool enough) and the occasional swim in my in-laws’ pond.
easiest summer meal ever.
  • Books. I read six books in July. That’s my personal record for any of the months of 2021—and it actually was almost seven, but I ended up finishing that book the first day of August. So, that book counts for August, not July. Bummer. But let me know if you want any recommendations. 😉
Saturday morning: books and coffee with cream.
  • FLOWERS ON MY TABLE. I’ve been picking sunflowers from the stray sunflower bush by our mailbox, and they make my house feel like summer, cheerful and bright and warm. Then my friend Brittany brought me a bouquet of zinnias that lasted for a whole week, and they had the exact same effect. Praise Jesus for tangible summer things and for making beautiful flowers.
the zinnia’s last hurrah

That’s all for now. Happy late summer to you. I hope my list can inspire you to make one of your own, to notice and be glad and intentional about the things that are saving you this summer. It’s such a good time to live.



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